A Year Away

In just under a year (if all goes as planned) I will be headed to England on a Working Holiday Visa. I am currently planning on being there for at least a year, though the Visa will allow me to stay for anywhere up to 2 years.

I discovered the Working Holiday Visa program around February this year when I was procrastinating grad school assignments by looking into possibilities for working in other countries. Though there are lots of opportunities for Canadians, I’ve selected the United Kingdom as the place I would like to experience. I was originally planning on embarking on this adventure in April 2014 but those plans fell through and the new projected date is the middle of June 2014.

I recently began a tumblr blog (http://megra12adventures.tumblr.com/) on which I plan to chronicle my adventures and all of the plans that lead up to those adventures. Though the much of the content on this blog and the tumblr blog will be the same, there will be minor differences between the two. Any of the primary posts and updates will be linked from here to tumblr as this wordpress blog will function as the primary home for my adventures. If you wish to follow only one site, this will be the site to follow. The tumblr blog will have additional travel content reblogged from others and not necessarily specific to my adventures. If at any point I plan on including something really interesting on the tumblr blog that does not quite fit with the purpose of this one, I will include a link and you are welcome to come on over and check it out! As always, Keep Smiling!

Life’s an Adventure!


2 thoughts on “A Year Away

  1. Congratulations! I love the English countryside. I hope you hop on a train many times and see the rest of Europe too. It is so rich in history, full of beautiful sites and all parts easily accessible by their incredible railways. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much! Visiting the rest of the Europe is definitely part of my plan! A desire to see a number of places was one of the things that led me to the Working Holiday Visa program.

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