A bus strike, A thunderstorm, and a Fox.

Hello my lovely Readers! I hope you are all well. I am sure you are all eager to hear of my adventures and travels from the past few months. Unfortunately that will not happen today. Today I just have a story to share.

The story begins with an early wake-up and a quick internet check to confirm that, yes, the bus workers had followed through with their intent to strike. Wonderful. Commence Operation: Am I going to get to work on time?

Since the only time I excel at mornings is when I am excused from attending them (or am assigned to bed duty), I did not get breakfast or a hot beverage before I ran out the door. No trouble, I was prepared for this type of situation, I would just pick up something at the coffee shop before work. I was always there with plenty of time to spare…

The initial stages of the journey were uneventful. And then I got to the stage of the journey that involved buses. Now, I had specifically planned an alternate route that involved a bus that the TFL website said would not be affected by the strike. And that was true, for a very specific definition of “not affected.” In the end, with all of the extra traffic on the road, I waited for 3 times as long to get on the bus followed by, you guessed it, a bus ride that took 3 times as long. Turns out I was among the lucky.

I could have walked faster but I managed to arrive to work mostly on time. But with no breakfast.

*Fast forward through the boring bits*Worked, had some lunch, bought a coffee and a brownie. It starts to rain and I narrowly escape getting soaked.  *Pause*

You know when you look out the window and the sky tells you that a thunderstorm is on it’s way? That was how the sky looked after my coffee journey. Somewhat perplexed, I informed the sky that, in my experience, it was much too cold to thunderstorm and not nearly humid enough, and really, wouldn’t it rather hold off until it was colder and snow? With a flash of lightning and a roll of thunder, the sky disagreed with me. And added some hail, just for good measure. Though somewhat tame, it was a beautiful storm, and strangely helped to balance out the grossness of the day.

*Fast forward through the boring bits* Worked, solve a “return my key card but need the key card to get out of the locked building” dilemma, 40 minute walk to the tube station, a tube journey home, a subway shop that doesn’t have meatballs or the right type of bread, stop at the grocery, forget to pick up milk, shower, dinner, and a plan to do nothing but read for the rest of the night. And then I hear a sound. *Pause*

Now, London often comes with…sounds. It is a large city, after all. But this was a sound that I have never heard before, and it was quite alarming. I was fairly certain that it was being made by an animal a creature.

*Insert internal conversation* Maybe it will go away? Okay, now that’s concerning…Maybe it’s a group of Crows, after all it kind of sounds like a murder…Not funny. Anyways you know crows and they don’t sound like that… It’s still happening… Maybe we should check it out… *Get up and go to the window* Let me paint you a picture. The light inside the room casts a glare on the window, so to combat this the young woman gets up onto the desk, moves into the optimal peering out the window position and wraps the curtain around behind her so no light can enter. Yep, I am the picture of cool.

At this point, a casual observer would have noticed nothing out the window and concluded that the source of the screaming had moved on. I, however, peered more intently into the darkness. Is that shadow a bit deeper there? Was it my imagination or did that shadow just move? It is moving! It’s a fox! It’s a fox! *opens window to see better*

Chances are good that I have seen a fox before. But I don’t think I have ever seen one in the back yard. Raccoon? sure. But not a fox.

It. Was. Beautiful.

You think a fox is going to be like a small dog but in reality it looks, acts and walks more like a large cat. I actually thought it could be a cat until I saw it more clearly. It even cleans itself like a cat.

So what do you do in a situation such as this? You talk to the fox of course. Tell it that it’s beautiful. Apologize for the person one floor up who just threw a water bottle out the window at it. Reinforce just how pretty it is. Ask it to wait while you quietly search for your camera, realize the night photo isn’t getting a good picture.  Tell it that it can stay as long as it wants and that you promise you won’t hurt it. Try to get the flash to engage.

And then you look up again and it’s gone. Headed off down towards the fence and around the corner. Gone.

The whole thing only lasted about 5 minutes. But it was long enough to make my day. I hope the fox will return another day (and stay long enough for a proper picture)

Life’s an Adventure.

P.S. If you want an idea of what I heard check out this video that includes a variety of fox calls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6NuhlibHsM


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