Oh What a Day

It began as a typical, erring on the side of good, Monday morning. I woke up in time to have breakfast and that is always a good indicator. Everything continued well until I arrived at the train station. Now, I was on time, but I didn’t get on the train I should have. I second guessed the train because last week when I got on, it decided to change it’s route… Not sure why. So, I hesitated and decided to get the next train. And that was my first mistake.

Turns out there were significant delays. (I’m learning that if you breathe on the London train system wrong it delays…I’d hate to see them deal with snow). I waited 15 minutes and got on a train I was pretty sure was going where I wanted it to. It wasn’t. I got off two stops later and went back to my original destination (at this point I’m texting my work co-ordinator as it doesn’t look like I’m going to be on time). I arrive back at the station only to discover the next train isn’t coming until 9:30 (the time I should be at work). Okay, no big deal, 15 minutes late we can survive. And then, since the train was running behind, it cancelled a bunch of stops. Including mine. Good thing I knew that before I got on it. Next train ETA? 10:00. Great.

Now I’m on the phone calling various people at work to try to manage the situation. 10:00 rolls around and… the train is being delayed indefinitely as they are “waiting on a crew member.” Apparently I wasn’t the only one late for work. Long story short, the train didn’t get there until almost 10:30 and we arranged for someone else to minute my session and I would minute the afternoon session.

I arrived at work with no further incidents. I was reading in the office when all of a sudden… the fire alarm is going off. And after a bit it becomes clear that it’s not for the weekly test. Lovely. Outside it is. (Thankfully the rain had stopped at this point, oh I didn’t mention it had started to rain?) At this point everyone assumes it’s a fire drill. Until the fire truck showed up. Um? Is the building actually on fire? Nope – fault with the system. Everyone back in.

Eventually it was time to head in to set up for the conference. And it was at this point (I’d been sitting in the room with her for almost 2 hours) when the Chair mentioned that she thought someone else was minuting her conference. Now, I knew that plans had changed, and she didn’t. But she knows I’m a minute taker – what did she think I was sitting there for? If she thought someone else was minuting her conference should she not have mentioned it to me before letting me waste a couple hours waiting? Just one of the reasons I like working at the other location better…

The conference went off fine, but I left feeling very annoyed with the location. I’ll spare you the details, but just know my mood was not great. I wanted nothing more than to get home, have dinner, and then finish up the decisions (needs to be submitted same day) and the minutes (5 working days) before bed so I could be done with the day and move on. The first part of the plan seemed to go well. I got home without a hitch and set in on making dinner. The minute I finished cooking my dinner, the power went out in the building. Lovely. I ate my dinner in the dark and then found something else to do (I read) for the three hours I was in the dark (unable to finish my work).

By about 8:00 I was starting to worry the power wouldn’t come on for me to finish what I needed to do. Now, In Canada, I would have just headed to the Timmy’s, Starbucks, or another “open late with free wifi” location. But all of the coffee shops that surround me close at about 7. 8:30 is definitely pushing it. Some are open later, but I didn’t want to go on an indefinite adventure looking for one, knowing that the power could return to my building any minute. So I stayed in and waited. And about 10 minutes later the power returned. 15 minutes after that the internet was working.

I worked late finishing up both documents and went to bed knowing the day was behind me.

Life’s an Adventure!



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