Travelling Historian: Belgium and France #2

LOCATIONS: London, England and Bruges, Belgium
DATE: 6 April
CATEGORYS: War and Memory
ENTRY TYPE: Daily Report
Today was basically a travel day, though I was able to spend some time wandering around Bruges in the evening. I had a new experience while travelling today. Even though I’ve taken the coach to continental Europe a few times already, this time, instead of taking the ferry across the English Channel, we took the Channel Tunnel (The Chunnel). I learned that you don’t actually drive through the tunnel, you drive onto a shuttle (read: train that goes 140km/hr). Instead of taking 90 minutes like the ferry, the Tunnel takes 35 minutes.
Up to this point, much of the travel I have done has been at night. Either waking up and leaving so early that it’s still late (Bruges the first time), or travelling at night and arriving early in the morning. There are benefits to both, but I think that I prefer travelling during the day, primarily because it means that I arrive at my destination while it is light out and don’t have to find something to do until check in at the hotel or hostel. In summary: day time travel worked out better than I thought it would.
As I mentioned before, I managed to explore Bruges for a few hours. After a dinner at the fanciest McDonald’s I have ever been in, I set out on my merry way. And Bruges is beautiful. This is my second time visiting, so I already knew that it was pretty, but without the Christmas crowds, I had a much better opportunity to take it all in. I also got to see the town as the sun was setting and the light play on the old buildings was wonderful. In summary: Bruges is best appreciated when you can take your time and aren’t fighting against the crowds. (As a bonus, the chocolate shop I liked last time was open later than I expected!)
The hostel I stayed at in Bruges was really nice (and centrally located), but the wifi was pretty spotty on the upper floor, as often seems to be the case with hostels. The other thing of note was that there were a lot of very steep stairs, so I am glad I was travelling with a backpack and not a rolling suitcase. I was also very lucky with the people in my room – no snorers, and no one that made excessive noise in the night or the morning.
Tomorrow: Belgian Flanders

3 thoughts on “Travelling Historian: Belgium and France #2

    1. Thanks so much for the follow! I’ve just gone over to check out your blog and I LOVE that you post pictures of your postcards. I’ve collected postcards since I was little and have continued it on this trip. I might just have to borrow your idea of sharing postcard pictures, if that’s okay.

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