Travelling Historian: Belgium and France #4

LOCATIONS: Bruges, Belgium, Kortrijk Belgium (Train Station), Lille, Flandres
DATE: 8 April
CATEGORYS: War and Memory, Travel Day
ENTRY TYPE: Daily Report
Like Monday, today was primarily a travel day, and in many ways it was even less eventful than Monday. In other ways, it was more eventful.
As today was travel heavy, I will focus my attention there. I made the decision Tuesday evening to drop off the rental car and take a cab back to the Hostel, this let me sleep in, which was nice because my hostel mates kept the light on pretty late and I fell asleep for a short period, woke up, and then could not get back to sleep. Oh those annoying nighttime “naps.” This also let me wander around Bruges for a bit, find some breakfast, and enjoy the lovely, sunny spring day before heading to the train station.
My train ride to Lille was split in two parts: from Bruges to Kortrijk and then from Kortrijk to Lille, France. The train journey was mostly uneventful, though it could have turned eventful as my tickets said that the Kortrijk train left at 1:20 when it actually left at 1:13. Luckily I had plenty of time between trains.
The adventure began when I arrived in Lille. Despite my best research attempts and detailed directional notes, train station exits continue to be a navigational nightmare. I’m never sure where I’ve come out and where I need to turn first. The Lille, Flandres station might have been the worst yet. And then it turned out I didn’t need to leave the train station at all. The rental place had an entrance from within the station. Oh well, I found it in the end.
The adventure continued when I actually started to drive. Let me just say, though I like to be my own navigator, driving in France, and Lille in particular, has made me thankful for an onboard navigation system. The streets in Lille are a navigational nightmare for the uninitiated. Skeptical? Have you ever had to turn right into an intersection and then make a sharp left out of the same intersection? What about turning left into an intersection and then taking the second left out of the intersection – all so you can navigate the series of one way streets? It’s an experience.
I eventually made it to the hotel (An actual hotel. Not hostel. With a double bed. Living it up.) Not only that but I also successfully adventured to the mall plaza and back again. Oh yes, all kinds of talent. And that, dear readers, is the extent of my adventures for this day. Remember, I warned you at the start. But tomorrow is another travelling historian battlefield tour day/commemoration day.
Life’s an Adventure!

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